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SDShare Protocol

Protocol for the syndication and synchronisation of RDF data

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The SDShare Protocol

SDShare is a stream based protocol for exposing and consuming data in a standardised way. It uses Atom and RDF as building blocks to allow servers to expose collections of data, and clients to process and update local data stores with copies of the data.

RDF provides a very flexible data model that allows data of any form to be represented. The existing RDF family of standards define how to serialise the model, how to query the model (SPARQL) and how to update the model (SPARQL Update). However, there are no protocols that define how a machine can both expose and consume RDF in a system of interconnected nodes. A classic use case for this requirement is where one RDF server contains a collection of master data and another RDF system wishes to use that data. The master data will change over time. This protocol defines how the master data server can publish the changes to the resources it manages and how a client can consume them to ensure it is in sync.


The following versions of the specification are available:

Comments can be sent to the editors, Graham Moore (gramoore at and Lars Marius Garshol (larsga at The work itself can be followed on github, and problems can also be reported as issues.


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